Affiliate Program

Help us promote The Diabetic Gourmet Cookbook and you can make money doing it! One of the easiest ways to earn money promoting The Diabetic Gourmet Cookbook is to join an affiliate program that pays a commission for every sale you make. The most popular online retailers offering a book affiliate program are and Barnes & Noble, but there are other great programs available that you may also be interested in.

Another way is to purchase the book directly from Wiley & Sons in bulk quantities at a substantial discount. This is especially appropriate for specialty or gourmet store owners, online retailers, libraries, and fund-raising groups.

Information appears below about both of these income opportunities.

How Affiliate Programs Work

We have provided specific information about some of the available affilliate programs below, along with direct links so you can sign-up.

Here’s how it generally works:

  1. You signup for the retailer’s affiliate program
  2. You create/build a link for our cookbook based on the retailer’s instructions using our ISBN number (0471393266).
  3. You place the link on your website or on your printed materials.
  4. People click from your website, or access the link you provided in your printed materials, so they can purchase this book.
  5. You earn referral fees for every sale.

Some Popular Affiliate Programs

Retailer General Information Over 900,000 Web sites have joined Associates Program because it’s simple and it works. You can start making money today and earn up to 10% in referral fees for every sale. Participation is easy and free!
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Barnes & Noble When you join the Barnes & Noble program, you partner with one of one of the world’s largest and most trusted e-commerce retailers. Their program is designed for web sites of all sizes, so no matter whether you’re a small mom-and-pop shop or a large search engine, their program offers the graphics and content you need to earn significant revenue. Up to 7% commission on book sales.
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Walmart Once approved, you will be able to obtain the code to generate links. You will earn 7% commission on book sales.
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e-Campus Joining’s Affiliate Program takes a few simple steps, and it doesn’t cost a thing! They provide you with a variety of banners, buttons, and text links to choose from. Simply add these links to your site, email, and/or newsletter, and earn cash (a 5% commission*) every time you refer a visitor to our site who makes a purchase. The more people you send to them, the more you earn!
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Abe Books We offer various methods to help promote AbeBooks on your site, including banners, promotional links, a custom link builder, data feeds, search boxes, and our inventory API – Search Web Services (SWS).
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Powells Books When you join the Powell’s family of partners, you’ll be eligible to earn commissions: in return for every purchase instigated by your links, you’ll earn 7.5% of the purchase price, regardless of what’s been bought – any title, even merchandise! And partnership is free!
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Bulk Purchases:

Seller General Information
Wiley & Sons Bulk Sales, Special Sales, and Wholesale Discounts. Wiley offers discounts for bulk purchasers depending on quantity purchased, type of books, and type of bookseller, reseller, or purchaser. This is direct from the publisher, so unlimited quantities are available.
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e-Campus eCampus gladly accommodates schools, bookstores, or faculty members that need large quantities of a particular item. For quantities of 15 or more.
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